Top Flite Pure Distance Logo Overrun Golf Balls 12 Dozen

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  • Afterburner Core
  • Titanium infused cover
  • 12 1 dozen packages for one low price
  • Logo Overruns
  • First Quality

Product DescriptionTop Flite XL Pure Distance features After Burner Core technology for long distance and powerful feel, with Top-Flites tour proven dimple pattern for controlled ball flight. The Top-Flite XL has been the standard of distance for over 25 years. These are First Quality Logo Overruns. Brand new in box.

Top Flite Pure Distance Logo Overrun Golf Balls 12 Dozen

Top-Flite Freak Golf Balls 1st Quality

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Product DescriptionThe Top Flite Freak golf ball builds upon the success of the Top-Flite D2 line. Top-Flite has taken the benefits of their Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics and put it into a scary long 2 piece golf ball. This is the longest ball that Top-Flite has ever made. The thin cover is made of a soft ionomer, and when combined with a firm ionomer boundary layer and a highly resilient rubber core, it gives golfers a ball that will out drive every other golf ball on the market.

Top-Flite Freak Golf Balls 1st Quality

Three Golf Balls That May Improve Your Game

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With so many great golf balls on the market, here is some information that may help you find the ball just for you.
The Titleist Pro V1 – Professional Grade
The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is must-have for the bag of any serious golfer. The Pro V1 is tour tested and approved by many of the professionals on the circuit. It’s true that the price is steep, but when you can get used Titleist golf balls at a huge discount there’s no reason not to try them.
So what sets the Titleist Pro V1 apart from other golf balls? To start with, you can chalk up a longer driver distance and sweet compression on the swing. A solid core holds it steady on the long drives and the urethane elastomer cover makes the ball softer and more responsive to the touch.
The outer layer includes a high coverage 392 dimple design – an upgrade introduced on the Titleist Pro V1 – and the innovative Alignment Integrated Marking (A. I. M. ) stamp that makes alignment during putting a breeze.
While getting to the green is easily achieved with many long-driving balls, they don’t help if they spin out of control or bounce well beyond the mark. The Titleist Pro V1′s wicked Drop-And-Stop control holds your place on the green like no other golf ball.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if the Titleist Pro V1 is good enough for the pros, it’s going to be great for your game.
The Srixon Z-URS Outperforms
If you’re currently using Titleist Pro V1 or Callaway HX Tour 56 golf balls, then Srixon wants to talk to you. The company believes that the Srixon Z-URS is a much better ball than what the others offer and they are prepared to back it up.
The Srixon Z-URS is designed to provide extreme high velocity for insane distance off the tee. Its tough, larger than normal, Energetic Gradient Growth core also delivers a low-speed, high-angle launch to provide the carry needed for long distance. Combine that with a high-trajectory, 330 dimple configuration and you’ve got performance you won’t find in the other balls.
But you won’t be sacrificing control for all that distance you’ll be racking up. The Srixon Z-URS golf ball has a urethane cover that is formulated for softness and spin control. For the short game, the Srixon Z-URS is unsurpassed at saving you strokes after your initial drive.
You know your game and Srixon knows its Z-URS golf ball can improve it. Put it to the test, because you have nothing to lose but a lot of needless strokes.
Bridgestone B330-S Is Consistently The Best
When the Bridgestone B330-S tour balls hit the scene, they were considered the ultimate tour caliber golf ball available to us non-professionals. And because of Bridgestone’s innovative injection-molding process, the B330-S balls you buy today still consistently meet those high standards.
Bridgestone took its research and development international with the B330-S to find the latest cutting-edge technology money could buy. The result is the Bridgestone B330-S’s superior performance and exceptional distance.
The B330-S features a unique seamless cover technology that ensures deeper and consistent dimple coverage for excellent aerodynamics and accuracy. The Bridgestone B330-S also boasts the “Soft Speed Elasticity Core” for vastly increased distance and an inomer inner layer that speeds up acceleration.
Control is a given with the Bridgestone B330-S. You don’t get rave reviews from the pros by putting out a hard ball that doesn’t provide a nice touch for putting. The soft urethane cover gives a sweet, cushy feel that you can propel with great control.
The keyword with the Bridgestone B330-S is consistency. The same great game you – and the professionals – found with the B330-S is still available. And if you haven’t tried it, you’re not too late to get some tour quality, highly-rated golf balls in your bag.

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Titleist Golf Balls: High Performing Golf Balls For Professionals And Amateurs

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Titlelists golf balls are the creme de le creme of golf balls according to many golfers. For example, the infamous Titleist Pro V1 was designed with serious golfers in mind. All of the Titleist balls available on the market are technologically designed to enhance your golf game by allowing you to achieve high performing control and distance.
High performance balls that enhance your game
If you are new to golf, you can be overwhelmed with all of the golf balls available at your local sporting goods store. Some golfers only want the best so they will purposely look for the most expensive balls available. But price is no indication of how well a ball will perform. Even though you may not be a professional golfer, you may want to improve the way you play. Regular practice and the equipment you choose, including the golf balls, can be a an important part of improving your game.
Titleist golf balls deliver
Many golfers prefer Titleist because it iprovides a high quality product with a reputation for quality workmanship and performance. When you play with Titleist balls, you can feel the difference. Chose a ball to help you add distance to your drives or gain control when putting. Experts suggest the ProV Ix and Pro V1 because the surface of these balls is designed to enhance spin and will help you control the direction of the ball better.
Titleist balls even have a solution for golfers who often deal with a short putting by developing a ball that helps increase score performance due to a special coating added to the surface of the ball to increase putting success.
Save money and buy used
Titleist golf balls are quite popular, but they don’t come cheap. You can expect to spend on average 60 dollars for a dozen Pro V1 golf balls. There is another way to get the same high quality balls at a discounted price. Used Titleist golf balls are one solution. Some online companies sell used balls in such good condition that it’s hard to tell them from brand new balls. That’s because many used golf balls have only been hit one time. You get the same performance while lowering your golf ball costs. Used Titleist golf balls are also ideal for playing when you worry about losing balls at the drive or on the course.
Titleist customized balls make great gifts
Golf enthusiasts and those who enjoy the game now and then can appreciate a gift of customized Titleist golf balls. They make a great gift for a birthday, Father’s Day or any special occasion. You can even have initials or a special message printed right on the balls. Customized golf balls make a truly unique gift.
You can’t go wrong choosing a high quality golf ball. Whether you are a professional or just getting started, there are Titleist balls available to help you become the player you want to become.

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60 Mint Nike Mix Used Golf Balls

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  • May include Nike Juice, Ignite, Mojo, Ti Velocity, Plus Many More!
  • Quality Used Golf Balls

Product DescriptionOur Mint Golf Balls will look and play as new. Some may have unnoticeable to slight imperfections. Balls will appear to have been hit for a maximum of one hole, but most will look as though they were lost on the first tee box. Some balls may have logos, but there will be no X-Outs, cuts or creases

60 Mint Nike Mix Used Golf Balls

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