Top Flite Pure Distance Logo Overrun Golf Balls 12 Dozen

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  • Afterburner Core
  • Titanium infused cover
  • 12 1 dozen packages for one low price
  • Logo Overruns
  • First Quality

Product DescriptionTop Flite XL Pure Distance features After Burner Core technology for long distance and powerful feel, with Top-Flites tour proven dimple pattern for controlled ball flight. The Top-Flite XL has been the standard of distance for over 25 years. These are First Quality Logo Overruns. Brand new in box.

Top Flite Pure Distance Logo Overrun Golf Balls 12 Dozen

Nike’s Crush Golf Ball For Distance Lovers

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Nike Golf has designed a new golf ball that provides explosive distance and powerful precision, and it has a name that is symbolic of its performance. The new Nike CRUSH ball is designed for golfers who are motivated by out driving everyone in their foursome and then owning their bragging rights. Aiding golfers to “crush” the ball, the Nike CRUSH combines a softer compression core, optimized cover design and new DMC Coating® to reduce unwanted side-spin and maximize ball velocity for straighter, longer distance. The larger and softer, high energy core provides high velocity and delivers unrivaled feel.

The Directional Micro-Composite Coating or DMC Coating® is the first of its kind; a smart coating that is designed to lower spin for driver shots that would normally slice or hook. “I believe we’ve done a great job designing a longer and straighter golf ball for a wide range of swing speeds at a mid-tier price, “said Rock Ishii, Director of Product Development for Nike Golf balls. “ CRUSH is a natural fit for those who love the game and want to continue to evolve as better golfers. ” Optimized for driver head speeds of 80-95 mph, the newly designed thin, two-piece ionomer blend cover enhances greenside feel and playability while increasing ball speed and maximizing distance off the tee.

The Nike CRUSH features a 312-dimple design that produces lift for longer carry and consistent ball flight. With bold, blue packaging and a name like Crush, it’s not hard to guess which group of golfers Nike Golf (Discount NIKE Golf Clubs) is trying to attract with its newest ball: players who want to outdrive everyone. Designed specifically for golfers with a swing speed between 80 and 95 miles per hour (the average for most weekend players), the Crush has a soft, low-compression core and an ionomer cover designed to reduce side spin for increased accuracy. Nike Golf’s director of product development for balls, said in a release, “I believe we’ve done a great job designing a longer and straighter golf ball for a wide range of swing speeds at a mid-tier price. ” The Nike Crush is available now for about $30 per dozen. Why golf is better than sex Copyright reserved by Ebayoyo. com

Golf is an attitude.

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24 NIKE Power Distance GREEN SOFT golf balls

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  • Perfect for slower swing speeds
  • low compression core with softend ionomer cover
  • Provides effortless distance with added feel
  • 24 ball pack

Product DescriptionPerfect for slower swing speeds

24 NIKE Power Distance GREEN SOFT golf balls

Nike Golf Balls Help You Go The Distance

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Nike golf balls are just as popular as any other Nike products. That’s why so many novices and professionals choose these golf balls. According to Nike, their golf balls utilize the latest technology to provide a ball for every golfer’s playing style.

Nike golf balls are a popular ball brand for many experienced golfers. There are a variety of Nike golf balls to choose from. Each ball is designed to enhance your game. For instance, there are different varieties of Nike Golf’s Power Distance line are known for:
- Quick-spin response off clubface
- Dimple pattern designed to cut fast through wind.
- Soft cover for long distance

Nike golf balls for new golfers

Inexperienced golfers and those with a low handicap may shy away from using Nike golf balls because of the price. If you tend to lose lots of balls around the golf course, buying a pack of brand new Nike One Platinum golf balls may be too much of an expense. Luckily, there are many used golf ball dealers online who provide used and recycled Nike golf balls. These dealers sell high quality, highly rated used golf balls that are comparable to brand new balls.
A golf ball that has been hit just one time is considered used. These balls look and perform exactly the same as any brand new Nike golf ball. Dealers will give golf balls like these their highest rating.

Bulk golf balls provide more for the money
Buying Nike golf balls in bulk can really save you money. You can get a large number of high quality golf balls at a discounted rate. You can get low rated golf balls for practice, and buy mint, high quality Nike golf balls that perform just as well as brand new.
Before you buy bulk Nike golf balls or any other brand, you should make sure that you are familiar with the company’s grading system first to make sure you get what you pay for.

Pick a ball that matches your skill level
The golf balls you choose can have a direct effect on your performance. Just like the other equipment you so carefully select, you should give equal consideration to the golf balls you choose. There are a variety of golf balls to help enhance your game, whether you are a beginner or a pro. Believe it or not, every aspect of a golf ball – from the core design to the dimples on the surface – affects the way it plays. Nike balls are designed to help you gain more distance or more control around the greens if you need it.
No matter what your skill level or golfing style is when you are out on the course, high performing golf ball manufacturers like Nike are sure to have a ball that is just right for you. If you are not sure about which ball to choose, visit your local sporting goods store to get advice and guidance to find the right Nike golf balls for you.

AAA Used Golf Balls has been selling nike golf balls since their inception. They are one of the most popular sellers. You can find them on our web site or call 1-888-346-5322

Top Flite XL Distance Set of 3 Golf Balls

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  • Package of 3 golf balls
  • Finance Company name on each promotional golf ball
  • Now Longer than ever
  • Titanium Infused Cover
  • Afterburner core

Product DescriptionTop Flite XL Distance Set of 3 Golf Balls

Top Flite XL Distance Set of 3 Golf Balls

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