Overview of Bridgestone Golf Balls

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A lot of golfers will have heard of the common names in the world of golf that make golf balls such as Titleist, Wilson, Top-flite and Maxfli but a lot of golfers will not be aware of a company called Bridgestone that make golf balls, in fact you may be surprised to know they have been actually been producing golf balls since 1935.

The current Bridgestone golf ball range consists of 7 different golf balls for different player abilities and needs. In the next chapters we will look at the range of balls and see what they offer to the average golfer and what they have specially been designed for. The Bridgestone B330 golf ball is designed for golfers with good ability and who also have varying swing speeds, so if you are a low handicapper but have a fast swing then this ball can aid you. There are also 2 variations the B330-S and the B330-RX that have been designed to have different levels of spin and feel. A better golfer will look for a ball with higher spin as this allows them to stop a ball closer to the pin on a green.

The E7+ golf ball is designed to have a lower trajectory of the tee, so if you tend to hit your shots quite high then this can lower this and can hopefully increase your distance either off the tee or fairway. Obviously the higher the trajectory the more likely that a ball can be affected by the wind. The E6+ golf ball is designed for people who have a tendency to either hook or slice the ball, this ball will hopefully help the golfer with the problems mentioned earlier hit the ball straighter and lets be honest for the average golfer thats usually half the battle isn’t it. The E5+ golf ball is the opposite of the E7+ mentioned earlier, if you have a low trajectory when you hit the ball then is designed to enable you to hit the ball higher. The Treosoft golf ball is designed for distance and accuracy off the tee, this is done by using a patented seamless technology , unlike other golf balls which use seams which can lead to inconsistencies with the flight and trajectory when hit.

That’s the range of Bridgestone Golf Balls quickly summarised and if they are good enough for Major winners of the calibre of Fred Couples and Nick Price to use them on tour then they certainly are worth checking out at your nearest golf outlet.

You can find out more about Bridestone Golf Balls at www. holed. net/shopping/bridgestone-golf-balls